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Re: low level I/O (GPIB, USBTMC, VXI11)

From: c.
Subject: Re: low level I/O (GPIB, USBTMC, VXI11)
Date: Sun, 25 Nov 2012 16:37:05 +0100

On 25 Nov 2012, at 14:08, Stefan Mahr wrote:

> Example based aninstrument control / serial:
>  a=serial("/dev/ttyS0");
>  srl_close(a);
> Matlab has a second way to call a method:
>  a.close;  or   a.srl_close;
> I don't know the actual state of octaves OOP, so my question is: Is the 
> second way already supported by octave?

Octave interpreter supports old style Matlab classes but not new style 
"classdef" classes

> If yes, what's wrong with the .oct file?

why do you think there is something wrong?

> Also, I would expect the list of the methods by calling
>  methods("octave_serial")

to have that work all methods operating on the class "serial"
should be inside a directory named @serial. 
I think it would not be a bad idea to make such change in 
the "instrument control" package.

you should propose that change on the Octave Forge feature request traker,
even better if you can already prepare a patch.

> Stefan

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