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Re: testing octave-instrument-control-toolbox

From: Julien Salort
Subject: Re: testing octave-instrument-control-toolbox
Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2012 23:21:17 +0800
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"Stefan Mahr" <address@hidden> writes:

> Is this your instrument?
>  "Use :TRIG:COUN <n> to set the number of readings to be stored.
>   (n = number of readings; 2500 maximum.) Turn on the output
>   with :OUTP ON and then send the :READ? command to trigger and
>   access readings."
> The RS232 may work a little different than USBTMC Interface, so try to add 
> ":READ?" command.

I'm also using this instrument to get several points with a programmed
trigger. Normally, you have to enable service requests and have the device send
a service request when the operation is complete.
This is done by enabling the proper registers and appending the *OPC

Then I don't know what would be the equivalent of the VISA WaitForEvent
function with the USBTMC interface.

But this is probably getting quite off-topic for the Octave list.


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