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Re: Customizing legends

From: JaWiB
Subject: Re: Customizing legends
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2012 21:16:56 -0800 (PST)

Thanks guys. I went with something like Torsten's solution:
octave:62> plotColors = colormap;
octave:63> plot(temps(:,1),caps(:,1),";Capacitance;")
octave:64> hold on
octave:65> plot(temps(:,1),cons(:,1),"--;Conductance;")
octave:66> for i=2:size(temps,2)
> plotColorsI = round( size(plotColors,1)*i/size(temps,2));
> h1 = plot(temps(:,i),caps(:,i));
> h2 = plot(temps(:,i),cons(:,i),"--");
> set(h1,'Color',plotColors(plotColorsI,:));
> set(h2,'Color',plotColors(plotColorsI,:));
> endfor

A bit more effort than I'd hoped, but still not bad. If I really care to
change the legend to black, I guess I could plot an additional data series
that won't show up (maybe a single data point or just manually set the axes
so it's off the screen?)

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