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intermittent error "undefined near line..."

From: Yuval Lifshitz
Subject: intermittent error "undefined near line..."
Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2012 01:23:05 -0800 (PST)

Hi All,
Running into the following error message every now and then. And was asked to bring that into the help list (see:

address@hidden:~/dev/economics/rania$ octave min_estimation.m 
GNU Octave, version 3.6.2
error: `ability_w_index' undefined near line 547 column 85
error: evaluating argument list element number 6
error: called from:
error:   /home/yuval/dev/economics/rania/estimation_f.m at line 547, column 35
error:   /home/yuval/dev/economics/rania/minestimation_test.m at line 5, column 6
error:   /home/yuval/dev/economics/rania/min_estimation.m at line 39, column 11

the variable is being set with a value at line 363 and there is no branching that i can see that can cause it not to be defined at line 547.
Note also that the problem persist as I rerun the program, but goes away with the smallest change to the code (adding one space anywhere). Also, note that I rerun from bash and not from octave commandline, and "clear all" at the first line of min_estimation.m, so that cannot be some leftovers causing the intermittent failure.
Not sure how to create a smaller reproducing code, I'm attaching a complete env that can run and reproduce.



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