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Re: "housekeeping question" concerning octave-instrument-control-toolbox

From: Hugo Coolens
Subject: Re: "housekeeping question" concerning octave-instrument-control-toolbox
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2012 15:43:53 +0100

2012/12/19, Stefan Mahr <address@hidden>:
> Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso wrote:
>> On 19 December 2012 07:13, Hugo Coolens <address@hidden> wrote:
>>> I have the octave-instrument-control-toolbox working (tested usbtmc),
>>> I put it in my home directory for testing  but I'm wondering now where
>>> the preferred place is to put it in the linux directory-tree,
>>> preferable a place which I don't have to add to the octave-path so
>>> that every user which starts octave can use it immediately.
>> Install it with pkg install while running Octave as root. That will
>> install it to a system location.
> Jordi, this doesn't work yet. Hugo still uses the old version of my
> toolbox.
> Hugo, please wait until USBTMC will be integrated to octave forge.
> Meanwhile I recommend to keep the files in your home directory.
> Stefan
OK, I'll wait, I suppose you'll put a message in this list when things
are ready.

best regards,

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