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Re: Quick Question

From: StandardOctaveUser
Subject: Re: Quick Question
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2012 19:06:56 -0800 (PST)

OK, my question stemps from the fact that I have 
never needed to consider commercial activity with
octave before and now it "might" be possible 
and instead of getting through the legal document 
and understand and think and figure out does that 
clause really mean that or that some other thing, 
when I saw the topic opened, I seized the opportunity 
to ask. 

Well, this is off the topic but if you sold me the binary,
and if i can distribute it to the universe at no cost,
you would (commercially thinking at least) sell the 
first 1000 customers or so then the market is fully 
saturated, then you will need to build a ? new binary 
an improved octave to sell the next 1000 or so copies.
(1000 is intended as an integer not an offense but 
one would argue that it would be a decaying number)
Firstly, I might be getting it completely wrong but if thats
the way, then after say 3-5 years wouldn't there be 
a strange correlation between the buggier the previous 
release the more money could be made? or new packages 
always having a dependency with the latest binary release?
and how would the collaboration and contributions take 
new shape for those that are not profiting?

I don't know much about similar projects done or being done 
like this and I don't mean to pose these questions as worries 
since it would at most cost minimum of the known two options,
I am asking this to try and understand the bussiness model. 

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