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Octave on Mac OS X

From: Glenn Eychaner
Subject: Octave on Mac OS X
Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2012 12:19:26 -0300

Having seen this come up AGAIN, I thought I'd point out that I have put together a set of instructions and quick bash scripts for installing Octave (and a bunch of other useful astronomy software) on Mac OS X (10.6, 10.7, 10.8):

Mac Software Install Instructions

In theory, I could modify these scripts to create an Octave install just about anywhere, by adding the proper "--prefix" invocations to the configure stages of each piece.  (In fact, I did this during testing, building a working Octave in my Downloads directory; I kind of wish I had left that in the final version).  However, I haven't yet mastered 'install_name_tool', nor found good documentation on the allowed indirection symbols, such as '@executable_path', that would be needed to make a truly relocatable application package.

Why didn't I use MacPorts? Because it annoys me when MacPorts insists on building every package in the universe from the ground up; the computers this was intended for have limited disk space.  I could have used Homebrew, I suppose, but I haven't yet learned Ruby.  (It wouldn't have been that big a hurdle; I know Perl, Python, bash, and several other scripting languages.)  I just decided it would be faster to go the DIY route.

As stated in the instructions:
Instructions for installing Octave using a package manager (such as MacPorts) can be found at the Octave wiki. Much of this install script is based on the manual installation notes provided there.
So thanks to the Wiki contributors.

Glenn Eychaner (address@hidden)
Telescope Systems Programmer, Las Campanas Observatory

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