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Re: How do I open scripts in octave?

From: Laurent Hoeltgen
Subject: Re: How do I open scripts in octave?
Date: Mon, 24 Dec 2012 08:38:20 +0100
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On 23/12/12 19:12, nathvi wrote:
Hello, I am in a machine learning class, and I know absolutely nothing about
octave. I have these files, and they are in the correct load dirrectory, but
when I try to open the file it gives me the error:

"  unable to extract matrix size from file `warmUpExercise.m'"

The warm up exercise looks like this:

function A = warmUpExercise()
%WARMUPEXERCISE Example function in octave
%   A = WARMUPEXERCISE() is an example function that returns the 5x5
identity matrix

A = [];
% ============= YOUR CODE HERE ==============
% Instructions: Return the 5x5 identity matrix
%               In octave, we return values by defining which variables
%               represent the return values (at the top of the file)
%               and then set them accordingly.

eye (5)

% ===========================================


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can you tell us what you entered in octave?
Btw, if you want the function to return the identity matrix, change the line after the last comment to:

A = eye(5);

and not just eye(5).


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