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RE: Any interest in a Human Response to Vibration package?

From: Sven-Erik Tiberg
Subject: RE: Any interest in a Human Response to Vibration package?
Date: Thu, 7 Aug 2014 06:48:26 +0000


Some time ago we where investigating hole-body-vibrations in off-road vehicles, 
train engines, sea vessels and developing suspensions for drivers.
We had been using ISO-2631 for cars and trucks but found that it had 
limitations in sea vessels and off-road vehicles so we started to use BS6841 
and also consider high crest factors.  BS6842 also takes rotations into 
calculting the vibrations dose.  
At this time we started to use Matlab in early verions but had to change to 
IGOR as Matlab at that time had a limitation to 8000 elements in array and 
matris. IGOR was aslo at that time IMHO much better in array calculation and 

We developed active suspension for forwarders together with MOOG. Passive 
suspension of driver seat for mine lokomotives. Driver seat for rescue boat, 
motion sickness vibration limits,,,,.

We put down this research as our development was a a bit ahead in time for the 
manufactors and customers. 
Latley we have discussed to implement semi-slow suspension on forwarders with a 
manufactor ( appr. 8y ago). 

I can have a look for our BS6842 code if you are interested.

Ref. "Handbook of Human Vibration" by M.J. Griffin ISBN 0-12-303040-4 Chapter 
Sven-Erik Tiberg
Lulea Univ. of Technology

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Subject: Re: Any interest in a Human Response to Vibration package?

On Thu, 07 Aug 2014 08:28:32 +1000, Terry Duell <address@hidden>

> On Wed, 06 Aug 2014 23:41:19 +1000, Damian Harty 
> <address@hidden> wrote:

>> Anyway, Terry sharpened his comments up to suggest a dedicated 
>> ISO2631 package, which gets round all of my cautions. So now I'm all 
>> for it, and will help however I can.
> I'm currently looking at my code to see how it can be 'cleaned up'.

This is proving to be a bit of a is interesting to see  
what one has forgotten when digging up history!
I first implemented functions to do ISO2631 HRV analysis in Rlab2, back in  
about 2000.
Those functions were adapted from some Matlab functions provided to me by  
a colleague.
The Matlab functions used the Matlab bilinear transform with prewarp, and  
I implemented an Rlab2 bilinear function to do that.
I have since migrated to Linux and Octave and implemented all those  
functions in Octave.
The original Matlab functions are open, but I don't know what was the  
basis of my Rlab2 bilinear function.
I can't remember doing it from scratch, and can't find anything that would  
have served as my prototype.
As a result it does seem that I shouldn't release this bilinear function  
until I can be sure it is OK to do so.
An alternate is if anyone has an open bilinear transform function that is  
compatible with the Matlab function (i.e has prewarp) that I can test.
I should add that I have noted some comments and a bug report to the  
effect that Octave's bilinear is not compatible with Matlab's bilinear,  
but thus far there hasn't been any sign that anyone has taken up the  

Terry Duell

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