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Aw: Instrument Control Package installation

From: Stefan Mahr
Subject: Aw: Instrument Control Package installation
Date: Fri, 8 Aug 2014 20:49:16 +0200

> How can I install the Instrument Control Package into the Octave software 
> running on Windows 7?
> The installation attempt is through the Octave command prompt.
> This is my screen command prompt and the command I’m typing in:
> octave-3.6.4.exe:1>pkg install instrument-control-0.2.0.tar.gz
> This is the reply Octave does:
> ‘gzip’ is not recognized as a internal or external command,  a running 
> program, or batch file.
> Unpack: unarchiving program exited with status: 127
> Error: called from ‘unpack’ in file 
> C:\Software\Octave-3.6.4\share\octave\3.6.4\m\miscellaneous\unpackpkg.m near 
> line 187, column 5
> Error: called from:
> Error:  C:\Software\Octave-3.6.4\share\octave\3.6.4\m\pkg.m at line 773, 
> column 5
> Error:  C:\Software\Octave-3.6.4\share\octave\3.6.4\m\pkg.m at line 383, 
> column 9
> Thanks in advance,
> Francisco Ogura
> CTI Renato Archer

Hi Francisco,

I already answered to your question via the SF contact form. I have no clue 
which octave package you are using, but according to your error message it 
seems your package doesn't include all necessary dependencies to build 
instrument control on windows. Try to install instrument control with a more 
recent octave package for windows (see [1]).

Instrument control for (native) windows currently supports only TCP (client). 
Support for serial port is in progress. If you want serial port and vxi11 now, 
try cygwin [2]. If you want full support, use linux :)

My experience with windows builds is very limited, so I put the octave help 
mailing list in copy. Maybe there's someone who can provide more help.



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