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Compiling Octave with 64-bit indexing

From: Johannes Zarl
Subject: Compiling Octave with 64-bit indexing
Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2014 17:20:16 +0200
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I'm currently trying to build octave with 64-bit indexing. So far, the 
respective section[1] in the manual has been quite valueable.

One thing that is missing from this guide, though, is that one has to compile 
ARPACK with 64-bit integers as well.

It may be obvious to some people, and the ./configure also mentions it, but 
since there is no real diagnostic (just a segfault in the arpack feature test) 
it would be great if this could be added to the manual:

 - Add -fdefault-integer-8 to FFLAGS when running configure:
   FFLAGS="-fdefault-integer-8" ./configure
 - Run make to build the library.
 - Run make check to run some basic sanity tests (optional).
 - Run make install to install the library.



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