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Re: Questions from user

From: Kai Torben Ohlhus
Subject: Re: Questions from user
Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2014 00:06:42 +0200

On Wed, Aug 13, 2014 at 11:52 AM, Omar Aldakkak <address@hidden> wrote:
Hello ...
could you help me please ?
I'm PhD student , I'm working on LTE-Sim tools
when I finished my simulation and got the results, I had to generate figures
I'v been advised to use (Octave) as well as its free and efficiency ...
So I install it using :
sudo get-apt install update
sudo get-apt install octave
now I got octave (I'm using Ubuntu 12.04 32bit)
after that I moved the all (m) files to octave path with the results....
in the terminal I wrote:
I got : octave:1>
I entered: "makegraphs"
I got error like this: 
 Invalid call to box.  Correct usage is:

 -- Function File:  box (ARG)
 -- Function File:  box (H, ...)

then a figure showed up (but without any line), only x,y axis ....(I attached it)
so I opened makegraphs.m then I added :
function makegraphs.m(arg)
but I got this error:
parse error near line 1 of file /home/omar/makegraphs.m

  syntax error

>>> function makegraphs.m(arg)
I will attach makegraphs.m  & all the related graphic files in this e-mail
By the way: I'm using shell codes... I attached it too 
I hope that you can help me
any help will be highly appreciated
Best Regards.   

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Sorry but your files sent are incomplete to quickly reproduce the error:

error: load: unable to find file OUT/PLRVIDEO_SCHED_1_UE_10_V_3_D_2000

But before sending more code or even tons of data consider the following:

1) Ask the author of the code for advice, this is not official Octave code and of this quite a lot to find out the problem quickly.
2) In your codes plotnormal.m plotlog.m there is written "%  Auto-generated by MATLAB on ...", so first check Octave compatibility before using them. In general they should work, but I wasn't able to try them out.
3) Your Fix  "so I opened makegraphs.m then I added : function makegraphs.m(arg)" is definitely no valid function statement. Read [1] for further advice on how to create functions.



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