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Re: help to download octave

From: tyn . smith
Subject: Re: help to download octave
Date: Fri, 15 Aug 2014 11:19:39 -0400

Apologize for not adding more clarity.  I am looking for a windows compatible version.  I have version 3.2.4 looking for a 3.8 version.  I have been through the internet and see the latest version was released in March.  I see sites that supposedly help with the download but I end up back where I started when I try and follow the procedure.  I tried the ftp site where the latest is supposedly available but the site is huge...looking for the appropriate piece(s) of that site to download or better a place where I can directly load the latest version.  Please help

From: Tyn SMITH/Jamestown/Global
To: address@hidden
Date: 08/15/2014 10:45 AM
Subject: help to download octave

It appears very confusing to me where to go to download octave, latest version desired.  I tried the ftp site and it is huge.  Can someone please refer me to a site where I can download the latest version?

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