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Re: Build issues with libgnu

From: Johannes Zarl
Subject: Re: Build issues with libgnu
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2014 14:11:31 +0200
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On Thursday, 21. August 2014, 13:49:59, Dmitry Roshchin wrote:
> Build and tests are passed for SLE11SP1 (no JIT and GUI). OBS uses default
> compiler from SLE, so it's GCC. I don't know that can be done with Intel
> compiler.

Thanks for checking.

> But in any case I think it's better to use optimized BLAS,
> instead of patching Octave.

I'm using an optimized BLAS either way. Patching the gnulib parts of Octave 
doesn't really change that. But I agree that patching the source can only be a 
last resort...

On the chance that it could be a gnulib issue I downloaded the gnulib repo and 
ran its unit-tests (./gnulib-tool --megatest --with-c++-tests sys_stat) using 
intel compilers, but none of the tests failed.

I won't be able to look into this issue for the coming week, but I'll report 
back after that if I have any more clues on why this is happening.


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