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mxe octave installer & java

From: Lutz Kohlrausch
Subject: mxe octave installer & java
Date: Sun, 24 Aug 2014 14:31:04 +0200

A big thank you to whoever provides the windows installer at

The octave build there had java support compiled in up to at least 
version 3.8.1-2.

Since at least version 3.8.1-4, java support is missing from these 

I need java support so I was wondering what happened and if I could 
do something to help.

Thanks to the excellent build instructions at (linked from ) I was able to recreate the 
installer myself on a Ubuntu system.

The only minor glitch was that, apparently, NASA has recently updated 
the cfitsio package without changing the version number.  This led to 
an invalid checksum error, which I could fix by issuing

make update-checksum-cfitsio

I gave the ./configure command an explicit "--enable-java" argument. 
Not sure if this is needed, as the help states that it is enabled by 

The resulting octave for windows has working java support.  So it is 
not a general issue for octave on windows, I am glad, but something 
is missing on the build machine used to create the installers at  I hope I can call the attention of the volunteer 
who provides these builds to this issue with this message, so that
it gets fixed.

Thanks for octave and thanks for the windows installer.

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