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Re: Preserve and embed font

From: PhilipNienhuis
Subject: Re: Preserve and embed font
Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2014 13:18:35 -0700 (PDT)

dkeck wrote
> Dmitri A. Sergatskov wrote
>> ‚ÄčTry "-dpngcairo" instead of "-dpng" (with gnuplot )
> Returns:
> error: print.m: 'PNGCAIRO' output is not available for gnuplot-4.6.4
> or for PDF:
> error: print.m: 'PDFCAIRO' output is not available for gnuplot-4.6.4
> In case someone else stumbles upon this thread with the same problem:
> I also had problems with Ghostscript and ended up with copying the lib
> folder from C:\Programme\gs\gs9.14 and all (binary) files from
> C:\Programme\gs\gs9.14\bin into C:\octave-3.8.0\bin since Octave does not
> see the correct system path (
> getenv("PATH")
> )

That's odd. On my system Octave has no problems with that. But I added the
path to Ghostscript in the Windows PATH.

A better solution would be to invoke Octave through a batch file (to be put
in <OCTAVE_HOME>/bin) along the lines of:

============ cut here ======================
@echo off
Rem   Find Octave's install directory through cmd32.exe variables.
Rem   This trick finds the location where the batch file resides.
Rem   Note: the result ends with a backslash
set OCT_HOME=%~dp0

Rem   Set up PATH. Make sure the Octave-version-specific subdir
Rem   comes first. Use system environment variables for the
Rem   Windows system dirs.
Rem   Ghostscript is still an issue, I've left my setup for it
Rem   in the line below:

Rem   Start Octave (this detaches octave-gui and immediately
Rem   returns):
start octave-gui.exe %*

Rem   Close the batch file's cmd32.exe window
====================cut here======================= that also cleans up most of the cruft in Windows PATH (put there by
badly-written programs) that may interfere with Octave's execution.


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