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Re: validateattributes, where is it?

From: Carnë Draug
Subject: Re: validateattributes, where is it?
Date: Sun, 28 Sep 2014 18:52:10 +0100

On 28 September 2014 08:27, PhilipNienhuis <address@hidden> wrote:
> Laurent Hoeltgen wrote
>> Hi
>> according to, the function
>> validateattributes has recently been implemented. Is it already
>> available in some octave or octave-forge package release? My octave
>> version from the Linux Mint repositories doesn't seem to have it.
> It's in the default branch, which will become 4.2; that will take some time
> to be released.
> However, because the function is merely an .m-file, you can simply download
> it from the patch report.
> On my system (with octave-4.1.0+):
>>> which validateattributes
> 'validateattributes' is a function from the file
> /usr/local/share/octave/4.1.0+/m/general/validateattributes.m
> so put it in the general subdir.

Do not assume that just because it is a m file that it will work in any
version.  It will not.  Correct behaviour for that function is dependent
on changes made to isa() 3 days before [1].  This is mentioned on that
bug report [2]:

>> After some changes, including one to the core `isa` function, I have
>> pushed this to the default branch in cset c404cec84eb4

I do not know if it is dependent on any other change also made on the
default change so mix files from different development branches at your
own risk.

Also, the way I see it, validateattributes() is most useful for users who are
developing code for others.  It is probably not a good idea to write code
for others that is dependent on unreleased versions of Octave.



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