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Re: oct2xls and xlsx file coruuption

From: PhilipNienhuis
Subject: Re: oct2xls and xlsx file coruuption
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2015 04:37:43 -0800 (PST)

ijourneaux wrote
> I use oct2xls extensively to create XLSX files. Unfortuantely I have
> noticed that under certain circumstances, I end up with file corruption
> when Excel indicated the the file needs to be repaired. 

My experience is that Excel is particularly picky (but of course, it is the
LibreOffice is far more robust.

> If I choose to repair the file, it seem to get corrected but saving and
> reopenning produces the same error.
> Here is the sequence of events
> 1. use octave to create several tabs with data in an xlsx workbook
> 2. open the xlsx spreadsheet in Excel, delete the summary tab if it
> exists, sort the tabs, and recreate summary tab
> 3. add tabs to workbook with Excel
> 4. When I try an  open the updated spreadsheet I get the "Excel had found
> unreadable content. Do you want to repair" 
> I will try to distill down a sample that reproduces the error tomorrow.
> Any thoughts where to look.

Many counter questions:

What io package version?
What Octave version?
What interface (POI, OCT, UNO)?
What Excel version?

...and what exactly is a "summary worksheet"? s/th like this:
(but I saw many other "definitions")

Some example files, preferably a set in a number of stages according to your
description above, would be wonderful. We still need more testcases.
You can email me privately on how to send them over, if you don't want
world+dog to look at the contents.

But first try io-2.2.6, it was released a week ago. The last three io pkg
versions had a number of bugs solved as regards OOXML (just FTR, the OCT
interface is still considered experimental, although it is maturing now).


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