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Plotting a color gamut?

From: Alasdair McAndrew
Subject: Plotting a color gamut?
Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2015 12:09:48 +1100

I'm trying to plot a CRT gamut, similar to the picture at

I have an N x 2 array "pts" of all the points to be plotted, and a corresponding N x 3 list "clrs" of the RGB color of each one.  However, the commands

hold on
for i = 1:N,plot(pts(i,1),pts(i,2),'color',clrs(i,:),'.'),end;

works, but is very very slow.  Is there a way of speeding this up; or in general for plotting a very large amount of points (100,000, say), each with a particular color?



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