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Re: classdef support in Octave 4.0

From: Rik
Subject: Re: classdef support in Octave 4.0
Date: Tue, 03 Feb 2015 07:49:26 -0800

On 02/03/2015 04:24 AM, Constantine Frangos wrote:
> Dear Rik,
> I was very interested to hear that Octave 4.0 is about to 
> be released with advanced object oriented programming 
> features.
> I am currently using Octave 3.2 on debian linux squeeze 
> version 6.0.4, and wanted to ask the following:

Wow, 3.2 is an ancient release and has not been supported for years.  You
will probably find everything has been much improved if you update to the
latest stable release of 3.8.2.

> (1) In Matlab 2007 it is possible to define custom class 
> "class_name", and group all the constructors and member 
> functions, etc, in a directory named @class_name.
> How can I implement the above Matlab feature in Octave 3.2 ?
> If possible please email me a pdf file that describes the above.

Support for the @class syntax has been available in Octave for a long
time.  Upgrade to the latest stable release and then use the same syntax as

> (2) I am assuming that what you mention in your email about
> classdef etc is something more advanced ?

Yes, classdef is Matlab's second attempt at an object oriented programming
syntax after the initial @class implementation.  It is much cleaner and
less of a hack. 

> (3) Is there a pdf manual describing all the Octave features, 
> packages, etc, covering version 3.2 and later ?

Octave ships with its own documentation in pdf format.  The reference
manual is now 946 pages.  Also, the syntax is a superset of Matlab's so you
can generally use documentation and tutorials you find on the Web for
Matlab in Octave.

I'm CC'ing the address@hidden list.  If you have questions about using
Octave that is the best place to go.


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