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octave-control: stepinfo

From: Aidan Macdonald
Subject: octave-control: stepinfo
Date: Sun, 8 Feb 2015 17:41:34 -0800


I wrote some code for stepinfo in the octave-control package. I tried to match the guidelines found here

I attached the code. It doesn't match the Matlab standard perfectly, but I was wondering how much I should do before submitting it. I wrote it to take in one system and give the results specified in

I was also a little concerned with the math I did. I couldn't find a better explanation of the various parameters than Matlab's website specified. That said, I wrote it and compared it to a few examples using my universities Matlab and they mostly match.

Let me know what I should do to improve it. I am very new to the open source contributing scene, let me know what I should do to help.


Aidan Plenert Macdonald
4178 Decoro Street, San Diego, CA 92122
Cell: 805 418 0174

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