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Re: octave-htmldoc

From: Dr.-Ing. Dieter Jurzitza
Subject: Re: octave-htmldoc
Date: Sat, 21 Feb 2015 09:11:46 +0100
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Sorry folks, if I was not precise enough. I intended to say nothing but that 
the info system for gzipped files is broken - and apparently still is with 
current distributions.
IMHO it is a valid question whether a distributor ought to modify it's 
distribution due to a bug in a application or vice versa. I think it ought to 
be vice versa because modifying this for a single application is causing 
I cannot talk about debian specifically - I know about openSUSE, and in 
openSUSE one needs to manually unpack the info files to prevent octave gui 
from freezing.
Anyway, thank you for looking into this,
take care

Dieter Jurzitza


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