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error in pkg -forge install with macport Octaves

From: Homer White
Subject: error in pkg -forge install with macport Octaves
Date: Wed, 2 Mar 2016 16:29:07 -0500


I see great things in Octave and am encouraging students in my differential equations class to become familiar with it as an alternative to MATLAB.  To that end I have been looking into Octave installation on all of the major platforms.  Typically I use Octave on Linux and on Windows with no problems.

For Mac OSX I chose to get Octave from Macports.  The installation, albeit lengthy, goes smoothly enough, but for every variant of Octave I have tried (octave and octave-devel-release) I am unable to install packages from Octave Forge.  For example:

>> pkg install -forge dataframe
error: urlwrite: unable to open file
error: called from
    pkg at line 395 column 23

i can confirm that the urlwrite function itself  works.  For example:

>> urlwrite("","alice.txt")

saves a copy of Alice in Wonderland to my working directory.

Does anyone know why urlwrite is failing when called by pkg?


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