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Re: Poor plot performance on Windows

From: Jens.Wulf
Subject: Re: Poor plot performance on Windows
Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2016 07:11:46 +0000

Hi Jake,

I did some tests in that area. Results:
 - versions after 3.2.3 (windows) or 3.2.4 (linux) are increasingly slow
 - win is slower than linux
 - with versions after 3.2.x, it makes a difference on how you adjust your 
legend. Please see my
  posts from some days ago ('Slow plotting (redraw due to legend?)') for 
details. Adjusting defaults in legend.m
  might also save you about a third of your plotting time.
 - try not to use 'hold on', many plots, 'hold off'. Time increases linearily 
with the number of plots.
 - I tested gnuplot, fltk and qt with different versions of octave and many 
different uses of plot(), legend(),
  linetypes and so on.  As far as speed is concerned, they were equally slow. 
The only difference I remember
  was when using drawnow(), which made gnuplot slower than the others.

My posts caused little echo on this list; it seems that most people are content 
with plot performance. For my interactive plotting usecase, everything after 
3.2.x is unusable.

Best regards,


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