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Re: Octave suddenly stop starting

From: Mike Miller
Subject: Re: Octave suddenly stop starting
Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2016 09:49:02 -0700
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On Thu, Mar 17, 2016 at 11:26:01 +0100, Alaa El Jawad wrote:
> Hello, 
> I installed Octave with the gui recently and it was working perfectly.
> However yesterday, Octave crashed while launching a script.
> Since then, I can’t launch octave gui anymore. It keeps crashing with the 
> following error in the terminal: 
> > octave exited with signal 6
> Additionally I get the following Crash Report (see attached file)
> Thank you for your help in advance.

You should probably mention that you are running Octave in Mac OS, and
what method you used to install it (which version, dmg, homebrew,
macports, etc). With that info, someone who's better acquainted with
those systems may be able to help more.

All I can suggest is,

  * Does running "octave --norc" work?
  * Does running "octave --no-gui-libs" or "octave-cli" work?


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