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Re: Octave on Mac and Java

From: Sebastian
Subject: Re: Octave on Mac and Java
Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2016 22:26:08 +0200

Dear David, 

> I believe I also have that Java version installed… I certainly have the 1.6.0 
> folders referenced in the threads under the second link.
> So if I have the Java version installed, how might I link it into Octave? I 
> can’t seem to find anything in those threads that might suggest how I can 
> configure / rebuild Octave to use the jvm – any ideas?

As Ben said, out does not ship with Java support. You have to build 
Octave by you own, e.g.

1) install Octave from homebrew, e.g. "brew install octave --with-java". 
Probably something similar works for Macports.

2) use the steps explained here I modified 
the script "" to take as an additinal option "-j". It should 
compile Octave with Java 1.6.0.


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