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octave_idx_type and fortran

From: Miller, Herbert D (IS)
Subject: octave_idx_type and fortran
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2016 16:28:16 +0000

I am trying to install Octave on a x86_84bit machine.  My gcc compiler is only a 64bit compiler (will not build 32bit executables).


When I try to run the Octave configure script, I get this error.


configure: error: your Fortran compiler must have an option to make integers the same size as octave_idx_type (int).  See the file INSTALL for more information.


There is no information in INSTALL that pertains to this error.  The Internet had nothing either, although there appeared to be some discussion at nabble that is no longer accessible.


I am using:

Linux 2.6.32-504.12.2.el6.x86_64

gcc version = 4.9.3


I am installing from octave-4.0.3.tar (same problem with 4.0.0).


Can you help me with this error?



Herb Miller



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