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Re: Arduino to octave

From: Giorgio De Nunzio
Subject: Re: Arduino to octave
Date: Sun, 9 Oct 2016 23:25:38 +0200
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Il 09/10/2016 21:51, Juan Pablo Carbajal ha scritto:
On Sun, Oct 9, 2016 at 5:57 PM,  <address@hidden> wrote:
Hi Gabriel and Andy,

Hi Gabriel,

Am 09.10.2016 um 12:05 schrieb Gabriel Soo:
Isit possible to read data from octave? Since the octave(pc software)
can only analysis digital data, the analog signal that fed into
arduino(ADC) is convert into digital form, now the octave(with
instrument-control package installed) is able to read the serial com
that is connected to the arduino.
Yes, this is possible using the "instrument-control" package

Here's the problem, what command
should we use in octave to gain those data? We going to use those data,
to plot a graph.
This depends how you send the data from the arduino? Are you using
strings (you convert the integers or double to string before sending) or
are you using some binary communication?

Basically you'll create a serial object, read data into a buffer using
srl_read and then convert them. For binary data there is "typecast".

-- Andy
I've recently been working on data acquisition from an arduino by the
serial channel and the Instrument Control  package.
It was not so easy: it seemed that some data were missed from time to
time, but I've never understood why. I now perform some error checking and
sometimes I lower the baud rate. I finally have something that works quite
good (it is a kind of obstacle-checking sonar for a future small robot).
I can send you some example code, if you wish.

Help-octave mailing list
This is rather old but it still might be helpful to you

Hi again.

I started from

and I built a sonar system like this:

modifying the matlab program to adapt to octave and to the instrument
control package.

I am sure that my code is by no means perfect because I cannot force on
data speed without having reading errors, but it works. There is some
rough error checking in it.

I'm attaching the code to the message, but I don't know if I can send

It's work in progress, by no means finished, so be prepared to forgive
poor "style" and various rubbish. Feel free to write to me if you need help.

Best regards


Dr. Giorgio De Nunzio PhD
Dipart. di Matematica e Fisica "Ennio De Giorgi", Univ. del Salento
INFN Sezione di Lecce
DReAM (Laboratorio Diffuso di Ricerca Interdisciplinare Applicata alla Medicina)
ADAM (Advanced Data Analysis in Medicine) srl
Lecce (Italy)
tel +39 0832 297084-297051
fax +39 0832 297100
mobile +39 320 3829845

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