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Re: Empty plots on Octave 4.0.3 (Windows)

From: pehache
Subject: Re: Empty plots on Octave 4.0.3 (Windows)
Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2016 15:39:21 +0200

2016-10-12 10:49 GMT+02:00 Andreas Weber <address@hidden>:
Am 11.10.2016 um 21:53 schrieb pehache:
> I have just installed Octave 4.0.3 on two windows 7 machines. One of
> them works just fine, but with the other one I get empty plots : the
> scripts are correctly executed, the figure windows do open, but the plot
> areas are always empty (blank).

There is an issue with building the fontconfig cache the first time
plotting is used. So please try again with something simple as
"plot(1:10)" and wait some minutes.

This is not the problem. Indeed the very first plot after installation has been very long to come, with the application not responding during that. But now it's another issue (btw on the other machine the first plot has been very long too, but now everything is fine). 

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