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Re: Octave in the Jupyter notebook / Windows

From: Mike Miller
Subject: Re: Octave in the Jupyter notebook / Windows
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2016 12:34:09 -0700
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On Thu, Oct 13, 2016 at 15:45:43 +0200, pehache wrote:
> I'm saying that in case of any syntax error in an Octave command/statement,
> the Octave kernel gets disconnected from the notebook and has to be
> manually restarted, which also means that all the cells have to be
> recomputed. In addition, the error message for the syntax error is not
> shown in the notebook (since the kernel has disconnected).
> So it is working, but in practice it is almost impossible to use : syntax
> errors are frequently done when developping/prototyping (can be for
> instance typing "plop" instead of "plot", or whatever), and a lot of time
> is lost in Jupyter if each time one has to 1) guess where is the error (no
> error message) 2) restart the kernel 3) recompute all the cells

Yeah that sounds like a pretty big problem with using Octave in Jupyter
on Windows.

> This is apparently a know problem with Jupyter+Octave in Windows. But maybe
> some people have a solution, hence my original post.

If the upstream issue you referred to is still open, then it's not
likely that you'll find a solution or workaround here.

There are few people here using or involved with Octave support for

If this problem affected me, I would want to know what Steven meant by
this comment, how Octave is different than say Python in this regard,
and what I could do to help test and fix it:

| this is a known limitation of working on Windows. Octave thinks it is
| connected as a pty, which is not supported on Windows, which ends up
| causing a forced disconnect of the session when there is a syntax error.

We have had no bug reports or feature requests related to this as far as
I know, so I don't know any details beyond what you know.


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