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Re: Last Turn : Image Processing and Matrix values

From: Julien563
Subject: Re: Last Turn : Image Processing and Matrix values
Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2016 14:01:03 -0700 (PDT)

"DON'T FORGET, 1 pixel has three values (one for R , G, and B colors). your
MxN image is MxNx3, where the 3rd dimension is a different 'color'. If you
want to move a pixel, you must move that value on all 3 of the color pages"

 You're right, i thought that when i did after my transformation:

B(i_nouveau,j_nouveau) = A(i,j)

The 3 values (R,G,B) of A will be paste in B. Which command could be do

 "Or, you could first copy A to B without any changes. Then apply your
transformation to A, putting the output of the transformation into the
correct location in B.  In that case B would be a complete image where you
have just changed some pixels based on your transformation function."

I used this kind of transformation in my programm, i tried to generate an
empty matrix B, and after try to apply all pixel offshoring in matrix B and
after it, i could maybe replace all pixels present in B in A to have a
complete picture. 

But, currently, the new question is : How to apply a total pixel
transformation in a same time (RGB) for each pixels? 

Thx in advance

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