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Re: Regarding Installation Error

From: Nicholas Jankowski
Subject: Re: Regarding Installation Error
Date: Thu, 1 Dec 2016 14:04:54 -0500

On Thu, Dec 1, 2016 at 1:49 PM, vishwanth hiremath
<address@hidden> wrote:
> Thank you for the reply Nicholas. I have installed ZIP file.

please remember to Reply All and keep the mailing list in the email chain.

So, I assume you unzipped the file to
D:\octave-4.2.0-w64.  this would explain why the path appears
duplicated. (I had made a C:\Octave folder, and I unzip Octave under
that, so my path is C:\Octave\octave-4.2.0-w64. this makes it easier
to keep track if I have multiple versions installed.)

Now, the zip installer doesn't make shortcuts for you.  I recommend
running the octave.bat file instead of the vbs file. Right click on
the octave.bat file and "Create shortcut".  Then you can move this
shortcut to your desktop or wherever you find it convenient.

Double clicking that shortcut should start Octave.

Also, the first time you start octave after using the zip installer
you should type:

pkg rebuild

so that Octave can find all of the pre-installed packages.

Write back if you have trouble with any of this.

Nick Jankowski

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