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Re: image-acquisition package install

From: Kire Pudsje
Subject: Re: image-acquisition package install
Date: Fri, 2 Dec 2016 20:48:56 +0100



I am busy implementing webcam support on Windows.

I based it on the interface described by the webcam package of matlab


It is currently in a very early and rough stage. No help yet, very dirty code, etc. I only managed to get it working today, but it can already obtain images. Also Brightness, backlight etc, can be set. No resolution control at the moment.

Once I have everything working, I might try and integrate it in the img-acq package.

>> pkg load webcam
>> webcamlist
ans =
  [1,1] = VGA Webcam
  [2,1] = HD 720P Webcam
>> cam=webcam(1);
warning: This is work in progress, be prepared for segfaults
warning: called from
    webcam at line 8 column 15
>> cam.get()
ans =

  scalar structure containing the fields:

    Name = VGA Webcam
    Resolution = 640x480
    AvailableResolutions =
      [1,1] = 640x480
      [2,1] = 640x360
    Brightness = 0
    Contrast =  32
    Hue = 0
    Saturation =  64
    Sharpness =  4
    Gamma =  221
    WhiteBalance = auto
    BacklightCompensation = off
    Exposure = auto


Attachment: webcam-0.0.1.tar.gz
Description: GNU Zip compressed data

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