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Trouble installing Octave 4.2.0 in Ubuntu 12.04

From: Samkit Jain
Subject: Trouble installing Octave 4.2.0 in Ubuntu 12.04
Date: Fri, 16 Dec 2016 15:34:40 +0530


I'm trying to install Octave 4.2.0 in Ubuntu 12.04. Downloaded the tar.gz file from

After running ./configure this is the error I get -

configure: WARNING: Qhull library not found.  This will result in loss of functionality of some geometry functions.
checking pcre.h usability... no
checking pcre.h presence... no
checking for pcre.h... no
checking pcre/pcre.h usability... no
checking pcre/pcre.h presence... no
checking for pcre/pcre.h... no
checking whether pcre.h defines the macros we need... no
configure: error: to build Octave, you must have the PCRE library and header files installed

I have installed the latest Qhull from and PCRE from

Can anyone please help me in how can I install it on my machine? Currently have GNU Octave, version 3.2.4 installed.

Samkit Jain

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