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Create account page

From: Clayton.D.Huntsman
Subject: Create account page
Date: Fri, 16 Dec 2016 16:43:59 +0000



I have been trying to create an account on your mediaWiki without success.  Apparently, the page is broken, as it offers a captcha challenge with no question. So, I am writing in the hopes that the recipient will remedy the situation. (I see you have guest editing locked down.)


Actually, you mailman links on the FAQ page is broken, otherwise I would have tried through that mechanism.


Any help you could provide would be of great assistance to me.


If it means anything, I have been browsing your wiki with



We have a developers wiki here (I am an admin) based on mediaWiki also. So, I might be able to suggest a few pointers for organizing your information. Plus, I am trying to install Octave, and for some reason cannot get the editing function to work. So, there is a potential win-win here J


Regards and cheers,



Clayton (clay) Huntsman

Product Development

L-3 Mission Integration

(903) 457 - 7246


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