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Symbolic pkg 2.5.0 released

From: Colin Macdonald
Subject: Symbolic pkg 2.5.0 released
Date: Fri, 3 Feb 2017 11:31:00 -0800
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Hi folks,

A new release of the Symbolic package [1] is out, version 2.5.0, with
some significant changes, new functions, bug fixes and overall improvements [2].

The Symbolic package adds symbolic calculation features to GNU Octave.

In this release we welcome first-time contributors NVS Abhilash, Mohit Mohta, and Marco Falke. This release includes Abhinav Tripathi's GSoC 2016 work. It also includes contributions by Lagu, Mike Miller, and Carnë Draug. Thank you everyone!



Colin Macdonald
Associate Professor
Dept of Math, UBC

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