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Re: Octave 4.2 under Ubuntu 16.04

From: E. Terray
Subject: Re: Octave 4.2 under Ubuntu 16.04
Date: Mon, 6 Feb 2017 17:51:05 -0500
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Juan -

Oops - OK, will CC.

Your suggestion about 'qt-settings' seems to have resolved the issue
- at least 4.0 now works.

Thanks very much.

I would like to try other revs since the Ubuntu repository lags a bit,
and will follow your suggestion to keep them from stepping on each

Best Regards,

    - E. Terray

On 02/05/2017 04:59 PM, Juan Pablo Carbajal wrote:
Hi E.

Please always keep the mailing list in CC
My answers below

On Sun, Feb 5, 2017 at 9:45 PM, E. Terray <address@hidden> wrote:
Juan -

Thanks very much for your response.

The reason I posted is that I upgraded Ubuntu from 14.04
to 16.04.  Under 14.04 I had Octave 3.something (3.8 ?)
running.  That got upgraded to 4.0 (I don't recall whether
apt did it as part of the OS upgrade or if I did), but my
recollection is that I had a working version of Octave.

Probably the links to the executbale was changed, that's why you did
not see th eolder version.

For reasons that are not entirely clear to me now, I
decided to remove and re-install Octave using apt.  I
think it was because I had a lot of additional packages
installed under Octave 3.8  and it didn't appear that they
had similarly been upgraded .  So I also used apt to "purge"
associated stuff.

After installing Octave 4.0 again from the Ubuntu repository
I found the odd problem that the command window in the
GUI is unresponsive.  The editor and help tabs appear to
work normally - for example, I can open a script file in the
editor and run it, and graphical output seems to be OK.
The CLI also works OK (thank goodness).

You probably need to remove your local GUI configuration files since
they changed a lot between these two versions
I had a similar issue and got rid of it by removing everything under

Be careful, if you have customizations of the gui, just rename the
folder and see if you can port them to the new version.

I just can't do anything with the command window - totally

I tried removing and installing Octave again (superstitious
behavior I know) - but I still have the same problem.

I suspect that the "purge" got rid of some critical dependency
that is not properly restored by installing Octave from the
Ubuntu repository using apt

My apologies for this long-winded message - it's the
preamble to my question:  do you know how to fix this
short of building/installing Octave from scratch?

One other question - if I were to 'make' from the source, is it
possible (easy?) to arrange EVERYTHING in directories below
a single topmost directory of my choosing?  I don't know if
you're familiar with 'anaconda' but that's how things have
been arranged there.  anaconda will let you have multiple
versions of Python installed, and it's very nice because all
of them are branches on a single tree and so you can find
stuff (unlike the Ubuntu installer which seems to strew
things all over the place).

I might ot have understood your questions, but you can always select
theinstallation folder by setting
the --prefix option of the configure script, e.g. I run configure of
default in the following way

../default/configure --with-hdf5-includedir=/usr/include/hdf5/serial

Best regards,

      - Gene Terray

On 02/05/2017 11:29 AM, Juan Pablo Carbajal wrote:

On Sat, Feb 4, 2017 at 5:45 PM, E. Terray <address@hidden> wrote:

The Octave package maintained by Ubuntu for 16.04
(64-bit LTS) is Octave version 4.0.0.

Has anyone had experience/success compiling and running
Octave 4.2 under Ubuntu 16.04 ("Xenial Xerus")?

Thanks in advance,

      - E. Terray

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Help-octave mailing list

Hi E.

I compile Octave development branch and stable every week in the
latest version of Ubuntu. I never found a problem.
Make sure you first install dependencies, and then add all the missing
packages that the configure script will point you to, e.g. sometimes
libscintilla is missing.

Also you can use the stable ppa

but there hasn't been much updates lately. I guess Mike is busy.

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