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Location Programming

From: Nicholas Ablett
Subject: Location Programming
Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2017 10:39:45 +0000

Good Day,


I am stuck with creating a program that maps distance travelled and am severely out of practice on octave, this is not like riding a bike. To summarise what is required, I need a program that will calculate how far a warehouse picker walks with each order between each item.


My idea is that the octave program pulls a bin location from the WMS, this is in alpha-numeric form (AE-036-13 for example). This location is then referenced to a position in a matrix (Eg AE-036-13 is in matrix location A(1,3)).

The matrix is configured to have rows and columns equivalent to the number of rows and columns in the warehouse.

The program then pulls the next location and works out the difference between the locations using the indexes. From there I can include the distance factor.


Really rough example:


m= 10;

n= 8;


A = zeros(m,n); %Zero Matrix Created


B = abs([1,1]- [3,3])  %Manual Matrix Locations Entered


xdis = B(1,1)

ydis = B(1,2)


Travel = xdis + ydis


What I can’t do currently or understand is:

Why the formula for B does not need any reference to matrix A?

How to save an alpha-numeric code into a matrix location (There will be multiple codes per matrix location as well)

How to get the program to “spit out” the matrix location after entering the alpha-numeric code.

How to get the matrix location values to automatically transfer into the equation for B.




Nicholas Ablett

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