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Re: Getting Started with Ocatve on Windows 7

From: address@hidden
Subject: Re: Getting Started with Ocatve on Windows 7
Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2017 07:39:00 +0900 (JST)

--- Lina.Reitz wrote:
> Hello,  I just installed Octave but it doesn’t work as it should. As I’m not 
> familiar with Octave I need some help. Up to now I used only Matlab.  I’m 
> working on Windows 7 with an i7 processor.I installed Octave Version 3.6.2 
> using an installer from 
> (see
>  came to this link via a short installation guide, saying this package 
> contains many packages as well as the GUI (Octave 3.6.2 (Graphical 
> User-Interface)). I followed this guideI found and during the installation I 
> had to enter my processor type and I chose all Octave forge packages for 
> installation.(Installation guide in 
> german:
>  installation itself did work well as far as I can see. Both Octave and the 
> GUI were installed.When I
 open the Octave window (not the GUI) I can enter commands and it seems to work 
(though I didn’t try much).But I can’t use the GUI. I wrote a tiny 
test-program, but I cannot run it.Code:a = 2;b = 5;c = a+b  I get the error 
message: pattern not found.I’ll send a screenshot, so you can see what my 
GUI-window looks like.I think I also can’t set the file directory correctly. At 
the top line, the current directory is not shown at all, although when I click 
on the Browse-Icon it shows the correctfolder.In the tab that shows the current 
directory I also had to set the file path by hand.  Also the buttons in the top 
bar don’t have the icons they should have (I mean the buttons for New File, 
Cut, Undo etc.). Maybe this is also part of the problem.  Can I do something to 
fix this? Or is it wiser to use another Octave/Octave GUI version on windows 7? 
 Best regardsLina

The latest version of GNU octave is 4.2.0.
You can download it from


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