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SQLITE with Octave

From: FMourad
Subject: SQLITE with Octave
Date: Wed, 10 May 2017 08:50:23 -0700 (PDT)

Hello everybody, 

I have browsed all the topics related to the use of sqlite on octave without
finding a clear solution to my situlation. 
According to the following octave wiki : , two github repositories can be
exploited as sqlite wrappers on octave, but my attemps to use these projects
were unsuccessful. 
These are the links to the repositories : 

This is my attempt with the first repository : 
- I dowloaded the Sqlite API from the website :
- I cloned the mex-sqlite3 master branch last commit 
- the sqlite.h file is not included into the github repository, I added it
from the dowloaded sqlite source
- I tried to compile the first repository files using mkoctfile option as
following : 
mkoctfile --mex sqlite.c . 
The command finished with an error code because any of the sqlite c api
functions was redefined in the sqlite3.c file provided by the github
repository (undefined reference
to{sqlite3_bind_text;sqlite3_bind_double;sqlite3_bind_int64 ...} 

The second repository requires autotools to compile the projects, which are
not possible to install in my case since my development environment is
strictly limited. 

It would be helpful if someone could detail how to exploit the mex-sqlite3
repository or has an alternative solution that can solve the problem. 


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