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Re: unable to install packages into octave in Windows 7

From: Nicholas Jankowski
Subject: Re: unable to install packages into octave in Windows 7
Date: Fri, 12 May 2017 11:21:56 -0400

On Fri, May 12, 2017 at 9:53 AM, ajiten <address@hidden> wrote:
I am sorry that I did not notice the version update of the io package. But,
still the command ' pkg load io ' seems not to work. It gave warning:
warning: (Automatic loading of spreadsheet I/O Java classlibs failed)

I just exited & restarted octave again, then it works (means gives no
I request some more commands to check the working. This will improve my
understanding for future too.

Ok, i think the IO package uses Java for some interfaces. Maybe something before the restart made it unable to find Java. 

The full function reference can be found here:

I think the thing most people want to do with this package is read/write Excel files. If you have any .xls or xlsx files, you could try to read one into Octave or to write a matrix out to a spreadsheet. There are also some csv->cell functions you could try.

A very simple test script:

pkg load io
for idx1 = 1:10, for idx2 = 1:10, a{idx1,idx2} = eye(10)(idx1,idx2); endfor, endfor

should create a csv file with 0's and 1's.


should create a similar file as an excel file.

TESTinput = xlsread('testout.xlsx')

should read the file back in and assign the array to a variable Testinput

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