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Re: I have modified firls.m to include all types of FIRs plus HT and dif

From: je suis
Subject: Re: I have modified firls.m to include all types of FIRs plus HT and diff
Date: Wed, 17 May 2017 08:04:11 +0000

> I would say yes. Also, you should test whether orientation of inputs
> changes orientation if outputs, etc. Main thing though is to get accurate
> numerical output.  as much Matlab syntax compatibility as practical is good
> too.

Now that I have to modify it according to Matlab's way, I realize the
differentiator part will never match as long as weights are not
specified, since they are using that 1/f^2 by default. Does anyone
know any details about this? What does it mean? Linear weighting means
using integral(K(w)*cos(w*n),w) (or sin(w*n)), so does 1/f^2 mean
integrate(K(w)^2*cos(w*n),w) ? Or sqrt(K(w))? Or the whole integral
squared? Or integrate(integrate(K(w),w)*cos(w*n),w)? One of my initial
goals was to allow linear weighting per band, so that would mean the
first, but 1/f^2...

> You can post requests for MATLAB output to the list and one of us will
> usually turn it around pretty quickly.

Thank you, I will. Also, if I want to use this code in my program
(C++), what do I have to do?


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