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Writing strings to excel

From: rwensley
Subject: Writing strings to excel
Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2017 11:27:35 -0700 (PDT)

I have a script that generates a report for a particular test run.
At the end I would like it to create a excel spreadsheet for that particular
The first column A2:A33 is to contain the variable name ie. "Test =",
"Tester =", etc.
in octave I set up the array as 
outArray1=char("tester =","testing =","tested =") 
NOTE: I have also tried
outArray1=[tester =","testing =","tested ="]

After setting the filename fn and the worksheet name wsh I enter the

status = xlswrite (fn, outArray1, wsh,'A2:B33') 
with the hope of populating column A with the variable names.

When executed octave returns with
warning: xlswrite - array truncated to 5 by 2 to fit in range A2:B6
(oct2xls: input character array converted to 1x1 cell)
status =  1

And in Excel at cell A2 I have a t.  Just the t and nothing else.

I am sure I am missing something here and any help will be appreciated.

Thank you,
Ron Wensley

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