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Re: Writing strings to excel

From: Philip Nienhuis
Subject: Re: Writing strings to excel
Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2017 13:24:38 -0700 (PDT)

rwensley wrote
> Greetings,
> I have a script that generates a report for a particular test run.
> At the end I would like it to create a excel spreadsheet for that
> particular test.
> The first column A2:A33 is to contain the variable name ie. "Test =",
> "Tester =", etc.
> in octave I set up the array as 
> outArray1=char("tester =","testing =","tested =") 
> NOTE: I have also tried
> outArray1=[tester =","testing =","tested ="]
> After setting the filename fn and the worksheet name wsh I enter the
> following
> status = xlswrite (fn, outArray1, wsh,'A2:B33') 
> with the hope of populating column A with the variable names.
> When executed octave returns with
> warning: xlswrite - array truncated to 5 by 2 to fit in range A2:B6
> (oct2xls: input character array converted to 1x1 cell)
> status =  1
> And in Excel at cell A2 I have a t.  Just the t and nothing else.
> I am sure I am missing something here and any help will be appreciated.


outArray1=char("tester =","testing =","tested =") 
outArray1=[tester =","testing =","tested ="]

will give you a character array.

I think what you need is a cell array:

outArray1={"tester =";"testing =";"tested ="}  ## Note: semicolons to make
it a 3x1 rather than 1x3 array

If I try that (with your xlswrite command) I get a spreadsheet with 

tester =
testing =
tested =

in cells A2:A4.

xlswrite.m's (or rather oct2xls.m's) complaints about the sizes and ranges
are intriguing. I'll look into that.

BTW what io package version and Octave version do you use?


at the command prompt, it'll echo a listing of Octave version and versions
of all installed packages (I only need Octave and io package versions)


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