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Re: referencing sympy commands in Octave

From: Mike Miller
Subject: Re: referencing sympy commands in Octave
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2017 11:31:26 -0700
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On Fri, Jun 30, 2017 at 14:00:04 +0000, Browning, Robert S IV ERDC-RDE-GSL-MS 
CIV wrote:
> I am using the symbolic toolbox and am wondering if there is a way to
> directly call sympy/python commands in an Octave script?

If you mean an easy way to call a SymPy function on an Octave symbolic
variable, it is possible but not easy or encouraged.

For example, you can call

    syms x y
    result = python_cmd ("_outs = prod(_ins)", x, y)

and the result will be the product "x*y".

At some point in the future it may be possible to call Python functions
directly on symbolic variables, for example ({x, y})

but not at the moment.

> The reason I ask is that the quorem MatLab command does not appear to
> be supported yet. If I could simply call the div sympy command I could
> use that as a work-around. If this is not possible, is there a way I
> can write my own script to add to Octave to do this? How would I go
> about doing that?

Are you willing to write or help develop a Matlab compatible quorem
function for the symbolic package?

If so, the best thing you could do would be to contribute an
implementation of this function, following the example of other @sym
functions in the symbolic package, and file a PR to add this function to
the package at This will
ensure it gets added to the next release of the package for all users.


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