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Re: referencing sympy commands in Octave

From: Francesco Potortì
Subject: Re: referencing sympy commands in Octave
Date: Mon, 03 Jul 2017 10:00:31 +0200

Mike Miller:
>> Are you willing to write or help develop a Matlab compatible quorem
>> function for the symbolic package?

Colin Macdonald:
>Yes, that would be really great!
>A long time ago, I started working on quorem (on the "quorem" branch). 
>It might be totally wrong so feel free to try your own approach!

Maybe you already know, but I'll state that because it's important.  If
you write a function for Octave, you should not adapt it from a Matlab
function: that would be a copyright violation, because Octave's
licensing terms are different from Matlab's.

You should use the Matlab code only to run it and test it, and the
Matlab documentation only for understanding how it works from the

You can implement it from scratch or from a published algorithm, but not
by copying or adapting code from sources which are not GPL-compatible.

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