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From: mtrocme
Subject: gsl_ran_landau_pdf
Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2017 04:50:26 -0700 (PDT)

Hi there,

I'm trying to integrate the function 'gsl_ran_landau_pdf'
to octave using the octave-gsl wrapper
since this function is not (yet) available :

I managed to successfully install octave-gsl using the following set of
commands :
# sudo apt-get install mercurial autoconf liboctave-dev
# hg clone octave-gsl
# cd octave-gsl/src/
# ./bootstrap && ./configure && make
# cd .. && make install

I also managed to add the 'gsl_ran_landau_pdf' function without any
compilation error
# ./bootstrap && ./configure && make && cd .. && sudo \rm -rf
/home/user/octave/gsl-2.0.0 && make install
## checking for gsl_ran_landau_pdf... yes
adding the following lines to the end of the file 'src/'
#  export octave_name=gsl_sf_ran_landau_pdf
#  export    funcname=gsl_ran_landau_pdf
#  cat << \EOF > docstring.txt
#  This function computes the probability density p(x) at x for the Landau
#  See
#  EOF
#  ${RT} D_DD >>

However I don't see the 'gsl_sf_ran_landau_pdf' function in octave :
# Octave
# >> pkg load gsl
# >> gsl_sf_ <TAB>

Could you please tell me what I'm missing ?

Thanks for your time and consideration,

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