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Re: [OF miscellaneous] Hilbert curve: recursion faster than loop?

From: Juan Pablo Carbajal
Subject: Re: [OF miscellaneous] Hilbert curve: recursion faster than loop?
Date: Mon, 7 Aug 2017 11:07:29 +0200

> My next thought was, that the complex computation lowers the
> performance and replaced all complex computations by meaningless pure real
> ones.
What complex-to-real conversion do you refer to? The non-recursive is
only complex.

>Still this version is by factor 2 slower than the recursive one and
> with memory allocation by factor 10! So my guess is, that recursion for this
> example is faster than repetitive memory allocation within for-loops or the
> many data copy operations between z and zz, where also growing implicit
> memory allocations might happen as zz changes it's size depending on
> z(1:nz(k)) within a for-loop?
The non-recursive version with second input argument true, has the
same memory allocation as the recursive one (I refer to the final
I did some changes to address your comment about copies. Indeed I get
a considerable improvement if I avoid zz. Check the latest version[1].
I get (I am in a different PC now):

for i=1:100; tic; hilbert_curve_nr(9,true); t(i)=toc; end; [mean(t) std(t)]
ans =

   0.0088032   0.0024393

Still this is slower than without allocation

for i=1:100; tic; hilbert_curve_nr(9,false); t(i)=toc; end; [mean(t) std(t)]
ans =

   0.0065030   0.0018694

and both are slower than the recursion (using dev version of miscellaneous [2])

for i=1:100; tic; hilbert_curve(2^9); t(i)=toc; end; [mean(t) std(t)]
ans =

   1.9476e-03   8.0688e-04

The results from the profiler do not add up to the total time of the
non-recursive version. I take this as an indication that the time is
spent on the slicing and re-writing of the z vector (not reported by
the profiler), i.e. at each iteration the first 4^i elements are
How can this re-writing could be faster? Is this something to improve
in core octave? (sadly I have not access to matlab to check)


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