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help with metadata

From: Justine Barbier
Subject: help with metadata
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2017 11:55:08 +0200

I try to use Octave for the first time and I need help with metadata. I want to create a new image from an already existing image (format .png). I need to keep the metadata of the old image to the new image. My problem is that some metadata are missing. 
I use this command with matlab : 
Img_info = imfinfo([path]);

C1, C2 ... represent the metadata I need to keep and it contains some information like that : <Well><WellPosition Type="System.Int32">1</WellPosition></Well>

But with octave, when I use imfinfo, I can't find the value OtherText or something equivalent. 
Is it normal ? 
I try to use fileread, I can read the data but I don't how to save it on the new image ? With imwrite for example I want to add other parameters than this one :

I would like to have something like that : 
But when I try this (which works in matlab) I have the following error : invalid PARAMETER 'Parameters'. But I can't find something else...

Thank in advance for your help.


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