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Struggling to write t0 from sometime ago

From: Mphumzi Tshentu
Subject: Struggling to write t0 from sometime ago
Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2017 19:42:35 +0200

Would please help me, I tried to write t0 from 09h27min35sec in 17 February 2002. I want to get the time elapsed from that date up to a certain date later , for an example 13h22min40sec in 18 June 2004.

I tried writing in the following way and tried several other ways I don't seem to get it right.

octave-3.2.4.exe:1> t0=(clock(09:27:35),17-Feb-02

parse error:


  syntax error

octave-3.2.4.exe:1> t0=(clock(09:27:35) 17-Feb-02

Would you please help



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